Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) Maps

Title: Maps of Environmentally Sensitive Areas in U.S. Coastal Regions

General Description:

ESI maps provide a concise summary of coastal resources that are at risk if an oil spill occurs nearby. Examples of at-risk resources include biological resources (such as birds and shellfish beds), sensitive shorelines (such as marshes and tidal flats), and human-use resources (such as public beaches and parks).

CMSP Reason:

When an oil spill occurs, ESI maps can help responders meet one of the main response objectives: reducing the environmental consequences of the spill and the cleanup efforts. Additionally, ESI maps can be used by planners--before a spill happens--to identify vulnerable locations, establish protection priorities, and identify cleanup strategies.

Spatial Coverage:

Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) atlases are available for most of the coastal regions of the United States, along with a few international locations. (Each ESI atlas is a regional collection of several smaller ESI maps.)

Temporal Resolution:

1984 - 2007

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